State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

A fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Goranboy resulted in death of 3 persons and injury of 2 persons on 20 march, 2014.

20 “March” 2014-th

An automobile of “Hyundai” make with 22-BG-837 registration plate driven by Mammadov Nijat Murshud, born in 1989 - a resident of Goranboy collided with the automobile of “KİA” make with 90-DA-335 registration plate driven by Ahmadov Hikmat Komissar, born in 1973- a resident of Baku on the 3th km of Goran-Naphthalan highway at about 18:00 o’clock on 20 march, 2014.
The accident resulted in death of both drivers and the passenger in the automobile of “KİA” make Ahmadov Akbar Hikmat, born in 2006 at the place of accident, other passengers Nuriyeva Gunay Asif, born in 1986 and Nuriyeva Gunay Asif, born in 1970 were taken to the hospital with injuries.
The fact is being investigated.
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