State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

N O T I F I C A T I O N by the Main State Traffic Police Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic

09 “June” 2014-th

Main State Police Department of Azerbaijan Republic brings to the attention of road participants that a road safety month under the condition of "Drivers, let's be disciplined" will be held from june 15 till july 15 of the current year in the territory of the country in order to enhance the effectiveness of preventive measures taken in the field of prevention of fatal traffic accidents caused by overspeeding, overtaking, maneuvering, entering an opposite traffic lane, violation of traffic rules on car parking on roadways as well as drunk driving on  highways of the republic and to provide active participation of all categories of road participants and relevant organizations in creating safe road environment.
Main State Traffic Police department notifies all road participants to strictly comply with traffic rules during the month and invites heads of institutions, enterprises and organizations and mass media to assist the safety month to be held in the highest level and recommends the drivers who are on the road to turn on low beam automobile lights even during the daytime in order to draw people's attention to this event and as a symbol of solidarity of road participants.

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