State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

On July 12, 2014, a fatal road-traffic accident resulting in death of 3 persons and injury of 2 persons happened in the territory Surakhani district of the capital

18 “July” 2014-th

On July  12,  2014  at  about  14:10   the truck  of  “İzusu”, with  state  registration  plate  90-JD-340 driven  by  a resident  of  Sumgayit city  Heydarov  Parviz  Agil  born  on  1989  collided in Hovsan-Zig  Road  of Baku city with  the “ Vaz-2106” branded  car , with the  state  registration  plate  10-BV-185 driven  by  Baku city  resident  Aghayev  Punhan  Saftar  born  on  1989.
As  a result  of accident,  the driver  of  “Vaz-2106”  car  and  passengers  in automobile -citizens  of  Baku city, Ahmadova Shahnaz Eldar born  on  2001, Ahmadov Elmar  Eldar  born  on  2004  died at  the  place  of  accident, Ahmadova  Konul  Alikhan  born  on 1978 and  driver  of  “İzusu” branded  car  were taken  to  City Clinical Hospital No. 3 getting  injured.

The facts are being investigated.

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