State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

On September 14, 2014 a fatal road-traffic accident resulting in death of 6 persons and injury of 5 persons happened in the territory of Aghjabadi region

16 “September” 2014-th

On September 14, 2014 at about 22.00, the “BMW 525i“ branded car, with the state registration plate 99-HD-029 driven  on the basis  of Power of Attorney,  in the direction of Mingachevir city, at 77th km passing through the Garavalli village   of  Aghjabadi region  of the  Mingachevir-Bahramtapa highway by a resident  of Aghjabadi region Babishov  Elgun Farhad born on 1982, crashed on his carriageway to the rear  right wing of “Mercedes C200“ branded car, with the  state registration plate 90-GE-981, driven in the opposite  direction, by a resident of  Aghjabadi region   Guliyev Teyyub Shahmali born on 1960, that appeared before him when turning to the cart track  and after that “BMW“ branded car moving  in the direction of Mingachevir city, collided  against  with  “Daewoo Nexia“  branded car, with the state registration plate  90-RH-754 moving with the motion strip in the direction of  Bahtamtapa  and driven  by a resident  of Aghjabadi region  Aghamaliyev Nabi  Mahammadali born on 1968.

As a result of the accident drivers and  passengers  of  “BMW” and "Daewoo Nexia" cars: residents  of Barda region, Aliyeva Naiba Ali born on 1983 and Aliyev Fagan Kanan born  on 2007 died at the  place  of the  accident, other  passengers  in the automobile: residents  of Barda city, Aliyev Kanan Vagif born on 1979, Aliyeva Fargana kanan born on 2005 died at the hospital and  Aliyeva Gulchin Kanan born  on 2009, a resident of  Aghjabadi region Aghamaliyev Nurlan Nabi born on 1997, driver  of the , “Mercedes“  branded car Teyyub Guliyev and  passenger a resident  of Aghjabadi region Guliyeva Arifa Yunis born on 1969 and passenger of  “Daewoo” branded car, a resident  of Aghjabadi region Israfilova Sabina Azim born on 1970 were taken to hospital with injuries.

The fact is being investigated

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