State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

On February 07, 2015 a fatal traffaic accident took place in Zagatala region leaving 3 persons dead and 2 persons injured.

07 “February” 2015-th

On February 07, 2015 at around 23:15 p.m, in the 124th km of Yevlakh-Zagatala-Georgia through Zagatala, Omarov Ilkin Omar, the resident of Zagatala born in 1990, crashed his automobile “Mercedes-Benz” with the registration plate of 10-TT-576 to a tree losing driving and threw over the lowland on the way to Zagatala from Gakh.

As a result of the accident, the passengers in the automobile Poladov Shamil Majid born in 1993, Baghmanov Jamal Isa, born in 1994, Baghmanov Emin Isa, born in 1995, the residents of Zagatala were confirmed dead and the driver I. Omarov and the other passenger Samadov Farid Omar, born in 1993 was injured and delivered to Zagatala Central Hospital.

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