State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

On February 14, 2015, a fatal traffic accident took place in Shamakhi leaving 2 persons dead and 1 person injured.

14 “February” 2015-th

On February 14, 2015, at around 07:45 in the 128th km of the Baku-Shamakhi-Yevlakh highway through Shamakhi, the automobile “Naz-Lifan” with the registration plate of 36-BE-518, driven by Afandiyev Murad Izzat, the resident of Gabala born in 1985 crashed to a tree moving to the left side of the road.    

As a result of the accident, the driver and the passenger Afandiyeva Narmin Tarlan, the resident of Gabala born in 1989 were confirmed dead and the other passenger Afandiyev Izzat Murad born in 2013 was left injured.

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