State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Fatal traffic accident, resulted in death of 2 people and injury of 3 people, took place on the territory of Kurdamir region on March 19, 2015.

19 “March” 2015-th

After collision of “Mercedes-Benz Vito” car brand, with state number plate 57-BT-296, driven by resident of Shamkir region Aliyev Abulfaz Hasan born in 1977 with “Mercedes-Benz GL550” car brand with state number plate 90-UN-009, driven by Gazakh region resident Huseynov Javad Asif born in 1996, collided with “VAZ-20174” car brand with state number plate 57-BT-866, driven by Shamkir region resident Gahramanov Gahraman Ilyas born in 1961, on the 207 km of Baku-Gazakh-Georgia borderline road, passed through the territory of Kurdamir region, on March 19, at about 14:50. 

As a result of the accident driver of “VAZ-20174” G/Gahramanov and his passenger resident of Shamkir region Huseynova Nushaba Zaman born in 1994 died on the scene of the accident, other passengers residents of Shamkir region Gahramanova Gulnar Sahaddin born in 1988, Gahramanova Arzu Gahraman born in 1990 and Mammadova Nasiba Zaman born in 1995 were injured.

The fact is being investigated.

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