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On the measures taken to provide security of the road safety during 2015

20 “January” 2016-th

Guided by the requirements of board decisions, orders, decrees and work plans of the MIA of Azerbaijan Republic, a number of organizational and preventive measures have been taken regarding provision of road safety, protection of public order, and strengthening service discipline by the MIA Main State Traffic Police (STP) Department and its stations on places in 2015.

During the year in the country and its regions the conditions of the roads, the works implemented in order to provide security of the traffic were generalized, the complex analysis was carried out, the results were broadly discussed with the management staff of territorial and regulatory sections of STP in the operational meetings held under the chairmanship of O.Zalov, the Deputy Minister of the Internal Affairs, the General Lieutenant of Police, the reports of the STP sections heads whose works in the road safety had unsatisfactory results were heard.

Guided by the results of the analysis of the traffic accidents observed in the country, as well as relevant orders and recommendations of the MIA, the appropriate measures were determined in relation to prevention of traffic accident, organization of fight against strict violations, improvement of moral and psychological atmosphere in the personnel, strengthening discipline, and in this regard a summary-reference was prepared and sent to the place for use during service. Providing daily control over the works performed regarding organization of activities in State Traffic Police Department in conformity with the modest standards the additional important measures were taken in order to enhance management and organizing activities, to improve regulatory framework, and to professionally develop staff, requirements on adherence to the principles of laws, the supremacy of human rights and freedoms, and service, execution and registration accounting discipline were increased. During the past year some orders of the MIA, including the order dated 14.03.2015 given in order to completely eliminate violations caused by the police officers controlling service vehicles, to take effective measures with regard to the mentioned issue and to foster control over their activities, the order dated 16.03.2015 "on the measure related to the unserviceable vehicle preserved in the protected parks of the STP", the order dated 15.05.2015 "on increasing responsibilities in the field of use of the vehicle controlled in service use by the officers of the State Traffic Police", the order dated August 8, 2015 "on strengthening measures on the field of passenger transport", the order dated September 14, 2015 "on strengthening discipline in the field of record and registration of traffic accidents", the order dated 02.12.2015 of the MIA MSTPD "on strengthening preventive measures against the cases of controlling vehicles without having the right of driving", and the order dated 19.11.2015 "on strengthening security measures in order to provide public security in service territories were made, directed to execution, and their execution was supervised.

On the measures taken to provide security of the road safety during 2015

The relevant measures were taken in the field of adjusting the normative legal acts regulating the service for the laws in accordance with the changes made to the Law "On Road Traffic" and "the Code of Administrative Violations" with the applicable decrees of the head of the country. The works performed on the application of new information technologies, and organization of electronic document circulation in the head office were controlled and continued in regard with road safety and relevant control issues in accordance with the execution of the Decree № 429 dated May 23, 2011 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic “On some measures in the field of provision of electronic services by public authorities”, the Decision № 191 dated 24.11.2011 "On the Rules of e-services on specific fields provided by central executive bodies” and “List of types of e-services” of the Cabinet of Ministers, and the Order № 749 dated 08.12.2011 of the MIA.

The measures on proceedings for the protocols prepared in electronic form without participation of the relevant person in the cases of record of the violations specified in the relevant articles of the Code of Administrative Violations in accordance with the Decree № 631 dated May 8, 2012 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic on the application of the Law № 322-IVQD dated April 6, 2012 of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Amendments to the Code of Administrative Violations" with control-measuring devices operating in automatic mode were continued to be controlled. Over the past year on the basis of 660.365 cases entered the central information system protocols in the electron form were prepared and directed to proceeding.  

Overall, in traffic control process during 2015 2.528.938 violations of traffic rules, including 17.141 cases on drunken driving, 775.565 cases on overdriving, 190.485 cases on violations of the rules on overtaking, maneuvering and passing the road of oncoming vehicle, 151.532 cases on violation of rules on passing crossroads, 87.700 cases on violation of forbidding signals of traffic lights, 5.208 cases on violation of passenger transport rules were found. In regard with violation of traffic rules rights of 4.241drivers were restricted.  The requests were sent to the Ministry of Transport and Baku City Executive Power in relation to temporary opening of the streets parts of the movement of which were closed by construction companies in order to normalize for movement the streets and roads hindering uninterrupted and safe movement of traffic in the capital, on which construction works were carried out and the parts of movement of which were destroyed, and to reduce traffic congestion at the main streets leading to event locations. The relevant questions were raised with relevant authorities in regard with establishment of additional parking places for the vehicles entering the capital. Some measures were taken in relation to traffic restrictions on the way to event locations. Permission forms were provided for the vehicles transporting the supplies, domestic waste and other burdens on the territories where sports facilities hosting First European Games were located. As well, the people were regularly informed through the mass media and TV channels in order to educate the population about reducing the number of vehicles in the capital. In accordance with the relevant orders of the MIA during the Games the personal staff of STP worked in emergency service, and professionally provided safe movement and convoy of the guests, participants and official delegations attending the event in the routes. Moreover, the officers of STP worked hard to execute their duties related to provision of traffic safety and protection of the law during the other events held in our country. Over the past year intensive explanatory works were carried out on different TV and radio channels in regard with educating the road-users about the amendments and changes made to the Code of Administrative Violations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well 48 transmissions were prepared and presented to the viewers in the framework of joint project of Main STP Department and «Space» TV, during the on-air broadcasting the viewers' questions and verbal inquiries entered the newly established 902- «Hotline» in the Main Office were answered.
August 1-31 was declared "Clean air" month in order to eliminate air pollution caused by hazardous waste emitted by motor vehicles, to determine the vehicles, the engines of which contained more harmful substances in their exhaust gases than the norm and to bring to account the responsible persons in accordance with the legislation, as a result, 2486 persons were brought to administrative responsibility. Overall, as the result of the inspections carried out the year it was revealed that the exhaust gases of engines of 4147 vehicles contained more harmful substances than the norm, and the appropriate administrative measures were taken.
During 2015, 100 traffic lights were set up, 25.746 road signs were fixed or replaced with new ones, the roads and streets were lined 2.763.016 pm with paint by “Signal” IILI.

 Last year, the admissions of the citizens, the representatives of the office, institution and organizations were conducted by the executors of the Main Department on the registration, re-registration, removing registration, issue of driving license of the transport vehicles belonging to the legal and natural persons, and 32.721 automobiles were registered initially and 50.977 initial driving licenses were issued.
During last year 2220 road-traffic accidents were recorded, as a consequence, 894 died, and 2265 were left injured. The number of the road-traffic accidents has decreased by 415 facts (15,7 %), and of the dead by 230 (20,5 %), of the injured by 411 (15,4 %) in comparison with 2014. 257 Road-traffic accidents were recorded in the report period, in the service period of Traffic-Patrol Service Regiment, Main Traffic Police Department MIA as a result, 289 people died, and 119 got injured. In comparison with 2014, the number of the Road-traffic accidents, death toll and the injured have diminished by 47 facts (15,5 %), 29 people (9,4 %) and 72 people (37,2 %) respectively.
797 Road-traffic accidents were recorded in Baku, as a result of this 229 people died, and 850 got injured. In comparison with 2014 the number of the Road-traffic accidents, death toll and the injured have diminished by 104 facts (11,5 %), 84 people (26,8 %), and 44 people (4,9 %) respectively. 94,5 % (2098)  of the Road-traffic accidents recorded across the country occurred by the violations of traffic rules by drivers, including 36,9% (821) by car passing and moving to the way of the oncoming vehicle, 27,4 (609) by exceeding determined speed limit, 9,5 % (212) by violations of the rules on passing the cross-roads, 2,4 % (53) by drunk driving. 41,6 % (923) of the Road-traffic accidents were pedestrian crashes, as a result, 333 people died, 673 got injured. 65 of traffic accidents occurred due to violations by pedestrians. 71 children and teenagers died, 212 were injured as a result of the accidents recorded across the Republic. Generally, 726 out of 894 dead were men, 168 were women, 1652 out of 2265 injured were men and 613 were women as a result of the overall accidents recorded.

Guided by the tasks arising from the Decree “On the measures of strengthening the fight against crime, reinforcement of legislation and rules of law” by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated 1994, 3 automatic weapons, («Kalashnikov»), 3 rifles, 10 automatic magazines, and 389 different caliber cartridges were found and surrendered to the investigation bodies by State Traffic Police with the other services of police during the report period. During last year, in the exam-registration sections of Main Traffic Police Department 40 persons and 47 automobiles that had been investigated through the information base were detained during the registration of transport means, as well as 736 facts on incompatibility of assembly numbers with the registration documents were found, and 71 facts on forgeries were revealed and sent to investigation bodies in order to be examined. During the year the information on theft of 196 vehicles was received, and 130 of them were found. Governed by collegiums decisions, orders and directives of the MIA of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Main Traffic Police Department continues to carry out its measures in the field of provision of traffic security and protection of public order

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