State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Reminder for drivers travelling separate regions of the country

08 “August” 2016-th

As the number of people travelling separate regions and going to have a rest in recreation centres grows in summer, intensity of traffic movement grows, too.
In order to provide safety on roads and prevent road accidents in time during such movement the Main State Traffic Police Department once more brings some issues to the attention of the drivers.
Dear drivers!

Before travelling, firstly inspect the technical condition of your car once more. If you do not have a cooling system in your car, when possible try to travel on relatively cooler time of the day.
To fasten the seat belts is obligatory not only for drivers, but also for passengers. Fastening the belts both creates liability and prevents threat to human life during sudden braking or crash.
One of the requirements related to provision of safety in interregional highways is to follow speed mode regardless of technical capabilities of the transport vehicle.

If you are travelling a long distance, do not drive the car sleeplessly, tiredly or exhaustedly. Do not drink alcoholic beverage at least one day before the travel. Drinking alcoholic beverage can endanger both you and your passengers and other road users. If possible, stop your car and take a rest even for a short time after each 3-4 hours movement. For this, you can use stationary posts of STP located on the roads of national significance. 

Do not hurry while passing or manoeuvring. Before passing or manoeuvring, calculate correctly the movement of oncoming vehicles and the cars moving in the same direction, and if you are not sure, do not make a decision.
Dear drivers, please, do not forget that your wheel is both your and your passengers’ lives.

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