State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Re-appeal to the legal and physical entities engaging in passenger transportation in the territory of the country

31 “August” 2016-th

Traffic intensity on the roads has increased due to increased number of citizens travelling in separate regions and tourists coming to rest in our country related to summer.
Travellers use private cars, as well as shuttle buses, in some cases buses and microbuses owned by legal and physical entities dealing with irregular passenger transport. However, technical conditions of vehicles, pre-trip medical examination of drivers, their compliance with working regime are not controlled during irregular transportations, no attention is paid to whether technical characteristics of the vehicle comply with the relief of the roads it passes, which increases the likelihood of traffic accidents on the roads, especially in mountainous areas.

For prevention of serious accidents that may occur and for provision of safety, the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic considers it appropriate to give priority to implementation of irregular passenger transportations through tourism companies which have special buses equipped with modern, security elements or companies which provide special-order passenger transport services, in case these services are offered by various persons, it is recommended to call 902 hot-line of the Main State Traffic Police Department or send e-mail to MSTPD in order to obtain information about their accompaniment and compliance of vehicles to be used during transportations with the selected routes.

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