State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Address to the residents of Baku

15 “September” 2016-th

Besides the traffic vehicles, the pedestrian movement has intensified significantly in Baku in connection with the start of the new Academic Year. Within this framework, the MIA Main STP Department asks the road users, specially the pedestrians to follow the safety rules in the streets and on the roads and to be a model for children and youth with their good behaviour.  

Dear residents, please kindly keep in your mind that you are deemed the weakest traffic participant and this does not relate to your physical or mental abilities. Simply, as a pedestrian using the roadway is a real obstacle that can collide with the moving traffic vehicle, he/she is very weak in comparison with the moving heavy metal.

 Unfortunately, we should note that majority (approximately 55%) of the road-traffic accidents recorded in Baku each year is pedestrian crashes and most of these crashes occur due to the use of the places by the pedestrians, which are not intended for such use.  Although there are more than 40 underground and overground passways and other controlled crossings of the same number and hundreds of uncontrolled passages, the pedestrians often breach these rules and as a result the pedestrians are injured, die or suffer in another form.  

Some find the traffic police guilty of not taking enough necessary measures against pedestrians in comparison with the drivers. However, the fact that nearly 140000 pedestrians have been held liable during the year disproves such thoughts and you should not forget 60-70% of violations committed by the drivers are found using special technical means.

The analysis and surveys carried out together with public institutions and non-governmental organizations show that violations are committed by the traffic participants of different age groups and most of them give hurriedness and carelessness as a reason for such violations.   

One of the most disturbing cases is that most of such pedestrians have carried underage children with them while violationg the rules. And this causes formation of unpleasent habits in the children such as indifference to the traffic rules.

Dear movement participants, regardless the age or status we invite everyone to follow the traffic rules more strictly and to pay attention to the importance of these rules in terms of protection of human life and ask kindly to approach this address more thoughtfully in order to protect your own life and relatives' and friends' lives.

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