State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

To the attention of legal and physical entities organizing bus tours to the different regions in winter

09 “December” 2016-th

In winter bus tours to different regions of the country are organized for schoolchildren, young children of education institutions, as well as for the children of the employees working in the other institutions and organizations on holidays and vacation days. In relation to such tours buses and minibuses of different travel companies and legal and physical entities dealing with irregular passenger transportation are usually used. But technical condition of vehicles, pre-trip medical examination of drivers, their compliance with working regime are not controlled during irregular transportations, no attention is paid to whether technical characteristics of the vehicle comply with the relief of the roads it passes, which increases the likelihood of traffic accidents on the roads, especially in mountainous areas.

For the prevention of serious accidents that may occur and for the provision of safety, the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic informs the legal and physical entities dealing with irregular passenger transportation that they should organize bus tours of the schoolchildren to the different regions of the country in connection with winter only pursuant to existing legislation and in compliance with the following requirements:

-    Transportation of children's groups by buses shall be carried out only by the drivers who have 3 years or more continuous driving experience under category "D";
-    Two drivers should be assigned for each bus used for transportation of children's groups to the distance of over 400 km;
-    For transportation of children, it is not allowed to assign the drivers whose inter-shift rest is less than 12 hours and whose pre-trip medical examinations have not been carried out, and use of the vehicles which have not been examined before trip should be avoided;
-    When carrying children's groups by bus, an adult attendant, in case the number of the children is more than 20 two adult attendants should be provided by the client ordering the transportation. The attendants should ensure execution of relevant measures for safe transportation of children's groups. One of the two attendants should be appointed as the head attendant and he/she should travel on the main bus and control implementation of the requirements arising from the transport rules during the transportation;
-    Regardless of the vehicle type, the speed of the buses should not exceed 70 km/hour when transporting children's groups on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In accordance with the requirements of the traffic rules dim lights of the buses transporting children should always be switched on regardless of the time and the buses should be provided with the identification mark of "children transportation".
-    It is not allowed to transport the children's groups between 11.00 p.m and 05.00 a.m., as well, when visibility of the road is restricted (fog, rain, snow and other cases). In the exceptional cases, it is permitted to transport the children to and from the railway stations, airports and seaports between 11.00 p.m and 05.00 a.m., as well when delay occurs on the road, to the nearest recreation centre.
For ensuring safety of such transportations, it is asked from the heads of the organizations and institutions engaged in organization of tours to apply the territorial STP departments 5 days before the tour for accompanying the vehicles transporting children in the relevant direction.

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