State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Colonel-General Ramil Usubov, the Minister of Internal Affairs, inspected the road-patrol service officers.

17 “December” 2016-th

Colonel-General Ramil Usubov, the Minister of Internal Affairs,  inspected the road-patrol service officers. 

Colonel-General Ramil Usubov, the Minister of Internal Affairs,  inspected the road-patrol service officers in the Mobile Police Regiment on December 16. 
In the event attended by Deputy Ministers, MIA Main Department, Office and Service Heads
the Minister passed by each column of the state traffic police officers and paid attention to their appearance, physical and vocational training, made comments and recommendations in this regard, and generally, expressed his satisfaction about the results of the inspection.
Following the event, an operational meeting dedicated to the long-term goals and works performed during the last 5 years related to provision of road safety was held in the conference room of the Regiment. Opening the meeting the Minister of Internal Affairs stressed importance of inspection of the state traffic police officers in terms of frequent review of performed works and current problems and determination of solutions to the challenges ahead. As well, the Minister noted that the conformity of the works carried out in this service area to the provisions of relevant legislative acts was always in the spotlight and necessary measures had been taken for improvement of professional skills and strengthening social protection of the staff.
Ramiz Zeynalov, the Head of the Main State Traffic Police Department, the Police Major General, made a detailed report about the performed works and obtained results. He said that thanks to the care and support of the President, works were continued in connection with modernization of material-technical base, arrangement of the service activities in accordance with "E-government" state program, and detection of violations with technical means. Regular sections and territorial authorities have been provided with patrol cars, motorcycles, radar installations and etc. having high technical characteristics and access to different information systems.

Attending the meeting the Minister of Internal Affairs noted that the necessary preventive works were conducted in the area of strengthening control over the traffic in the country in recent years. Despite the fact that the number of traffic vehicles increases, number of the dead and injured in the road-traffic accidents has significantly decreased compared to previous years. These positive factors are logical conclusion of planned organizational measures and the traffic police officers' intensive service activities. It was stated that the hard work of the traffic police officers fulfilling their duties adequately was not underestimated. During the past 5 years 12 of them were presented state award by the President, and the Ministry applied different incentive measures in connection with 694 people.
The event attendees were reported that one of the statutory duties of the police was to assist any person whose life and health were under danger. In this regard, it was said that the number of good examples was high, the care for people was always met with gratitude and they brought  prestige to the police. 
It was highlighted that the traffic police officers should strictly adhere to ethical standards while communicating with road-users and the potential negative results of committed administrative offense should be explained to the drivers.
Afterwards, the Minister noted that there were still shortages in the service activities and gave concrete instructions and recommendations.

Colonel-General Ramil Usubov emphasized that protection of human rights and freedoms was one of the priorities in the operational and service activities and stated that the officers behaving rudely against citizens, and corrupting were always imposed serious disciplinary measures.
The Minister of Internal Affairs reminded that our state always gave care and support to the people with disabilities, including the ones who lost their health in the fights for the territorial integrity of the country, and many of them were provided with traffic vehicles, as well, the road-patrol service officers always helped such people with special care.  

It was noted that while taking measures about the drivers violating traffic rules the drivers should be explained that the administrative offences committed by them could have severe consequences in terms of their life, health and provision of their safety. The Minister assigned the Head of the Main Department to organize special traning courses on drafting of relevant documents for applying to the government for the purpose of providing special operating system for the vehicles to be given to the people with disabilties at public expense and on teaching driving skills related to such vehicles.

Summing up the event Colonel-General Ramil Usubov speacially stressed creation of all necessary conditions and provision of great care for the staff by Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, for successful implementation of the official duties. He highlighted that in return for Mister President's higher attention and trust, every citizen should always perform his/her statutory duties adequately and serve decently to the nation and Motherland. 

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