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About measures taken to provide road traffic security during 2016

28 “January” 2017-th

Guided by the requirements of board decisions, orders, decrees, as well as work plans of MIA a number of organizational and preventive measures have been taken regarding the provision of road traffic security, protection of public order, and strengthening service order in republic by the MIA Main State Traffic Police Department and its sections at the local level during 2016.

During the year in the country and its regions the accidental conditions of the roads, the works implemented in order to provide road traffic security were generalized, the complex analysis was carried out. The results were broadly discussed with the management staff of territorial and regulatory sections of STP in the operational meetings held under the chairmanship of Mr. O.Zalov, the Deputy Minister of the Internal Affairs, Police General- Lieutenant, the reports of the STP sections heads whose works in the road safety had unsatisfactory results were heard. Guided by the results of the analysis of the Road-traffic Accidents recorded in the country, as well as relevant orders and recommendations of the MIA the appropriate measures were determined in relation to prevention of Road-traffic accidents, organization of fight against strict violations of rules, improvement of moral-psychological atmosphere among personnel, strengthening discipline and summary reference was prepared and sent to the relevant places for use during service.

By daily control over the works performed regarding activities in State Traffic Police according to the modern requirements additional important measures were taken in order to  improve management and organizational works, to develop regulatory framework, to professionally develop staff, the requirements for the following of the principles of supremacy of legislation, human rights and freedoms, procedure of execution and registration accounting were even more strengthened.

Overall, in traffic control process, 2.861.880 cases on violation of traffic rules, including 12.858 on the driving of transport vehicle by drunk-drivers, 1.429.784 on overdriving, 147.498 on violations of the rules on overtaking, maneuvering and crossing the road of oncoming vehicle, 131.663 on violation of rules related to the passing the crossroads, 68.998 on violation of restrictive traffic light signals, 7.157 on violation of passenger transport rules were found in 2016. In regard with violation of traffic rules the rights of 8.111 drivers were restricted. 
Line of travel preventing the uninterrupted and safe movement was destroyed, applications on the bringing of the excavated streets and roads into normal condition, as well as temporary opening of the lines of travel of the streets closed by the construction organizations in order to decrease density of transport at the main lines leading to event’s places, were sent to the Transport Ministry and Baku city Executive Branch, the issues related to the establishment of additional halting points for the parking of automobiles arrived in the city were brought up with the related structures.

From August 1 to August 31 the month of ‘’Clean air’’ was held in the country in order to bring responsible persons to the justice according to the legislature by the prevention of air pollution from harmful substances emission and detection of automobiles harmful substances in the exhaust gas of which is above the standard . Administrative actions were brought against 2486 persons. During the overall inspections of the year it was found that harmful substances in the exhaust gas of 3736 automobiles were above the standard and appropriate administrative measures were taken. In the last year, 30 traffic lights were set up, 24.236 road signs were fixed or replaced with new ones, in the roads and streets 3.161.882 pm lining works were done by “Signal” IILI (Specialized Project Production Offfice).
The admissions of the citizens, the representatives of the office, institution and organizations were conducted by the executors of the Main Department on the registration, re-registration, removing registration, issue of driving license of the transport vehicles belonging to the legal and natural persons, and 10.457 automobiles were registered initially and 50.308 initial driving licenses were issued. The number of the parking areas of the country was 1.347.812.

2006 road-traffic accidents were recorded during the last year, as a result 759 people died, 2003 got injured. In comparison with 2015, the number of the Road-traffic accidents has diminished by 214 facts (9,6%), dead people by 135 (15%), the injured by 262 (11,6%). In the service period of Traffic-Patrol Service Regiment, Main Traffic Police Department MIA 225 Road-traffic accidents were recorded in the report period, as a result 251 people died, 89 got injured. In comparison with 2015, the number of the Road-traffic accidents, death toll and the injured has diminished by 32 facts (12,5%), 38 people (13,1%) and 30 people (25,2%) respectively.   
684 Road-traffic accidents were recorded in Baku, as a result of this 192 people died, and 691 got injured. In comparison with 2015 the number of the road-traffic accidents, death toll and the injured has diminished by 113 facts (14,2%), 37 people (16,2%), and 159 people (18,7%) respectively.  
95,2% (1910) of the Road-traffic accidents recorded across the country occurred by the violations of Road-traffic rules by drivers, including 38,1% (764) by car passing and moving to the way of the oncoming vehicle, 22,6% (453) by overdriving, 12,8% (257) by violations of the rules on passing the cross-roads, 1,7% (34) by the driving of transport vehicle by drunk-drivers. 44% (882) of the Road-traffic accidents were pedestrian crashes, as a result 319 pedestrians died, and 643 got injured. 59 Road-traffic accidents occurred due to violations of traffic rules by pedestrians. 53 children and teenagers died, 186 were injured as a result of the accidents recorded across the Republic. Generally, 583 out of 759 dead were men, 176 were women, 1414 out of 2003 injured were men and 589 were women as a result of the overall accidents recorded.
Guided by the duties arising from the Decree “On the measures of strengthening the fight against crime, reinforcement of legislation and rules of law” of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated 1994, 7 automatic weapons, («Kalashnikov»), 2 pistols, 20 rifles, 18 (F1) hand grenades, 21 firearm magazines, 2.909 different caliber cartridges were found and surrendered to the investigation bodies by State Traffic Police with the other services of police during the report period.

During the last year, in the exam-registration sections of Baku city Main Traffic Police Department 20 persons and 57 automobiles wanted on the database were detained during the registration of transport means, as well as 1104 facts on incompatibility of assembly numbers with the registration documents were found, and 94 facts on forgeries were revealed and sent to investigation bodies in order to be examined.
49 cases including more than 47 kilogramms of drugs (including more than 4,5 kg of heroin, more than 23,9 kg of opium, more than 18,1 kg of marihuana, 720 gr of hashish and 95 of hemp) were revealed in 2016 together with the other services of police.
During the year the information on theft of 280 vehicles was received by the Main Department, and 227 of them were found.
Governed by collegiums decisions, orders and directives of the MIA of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Main Traffic Police Department continues to carry out its measures in the field of provision of traffic security and protection of public order.

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