State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Readdress to the drivers and car owners in relation to the unstable weather conditions

01 “February” 2017-th

Observations made over the last 3 days have showed that most of automobiles that obstruct the traffic of other transport vehicles, especially ambulance cars, accident rescue vehicles and other operative vehicles because of ice coated roads are transport vehicles with technical failures and vehicles provided with protectors with obsolete tires.  
In order to prevent traffic accidents and preivously mentioned conditions because of unstable weather conditions Main STP Department has brought to the attention of drivers that old automobiles that are not provided with tires for snowy, frosty weather as well as with ‘’ABS’’ braking system with long operating period must not be used, travelling speed of transport vehicles must be determined according to weather conditions, transport vehicles must not overtake without necessity, agressive maneuvers and harsh brake must not be made. Otherwise tranport vehicle will be removed from road traffic and the driver will be brought to administrative responsibility.

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