State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Adress to the drivers and car owners in relation to sudden change of weather conditions

30 “January” 2017-th

In order to prevent road traffic accidents and diferent bad events because of sudden change of weather conditions Main STP Department has brought to the attention of drivers that they should pay attention to the technical condition of transport vehicles especially to the automobile tires, to use transport vehicles with tires carving height that do not meet the standards (the height for the cars, for trucks, buses, motor cycles and mopeds must not be less than 1,6 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm, 0,8 mm respectively) considering that the roads are coated with ice mainly in the evening and morning.
It is recommended for the drivers to drive less old automobiles that are not provided with tires for snowy, frosty weather as well as with ‘’ABS’’ braking system with long operating period, to determine travelling speed of transport vehicles according to weather conditions, not to overtake without necessity, not to make agressive maneuvers and harsh brake.

The drivers of motor vehicles must clean out the snow, clean windshields, sure that glass wipers and washers as well as external lighting are operable, provide conditioning system of motor and glass washer with nonfreezing liquid, and provide automobile with chain and drag-out rope before driving.
The drivers with driving experience in rainy and snowy roads, general driving experience of less than 3 years should not drive in such weather considering the possiblity of threat to health and life for themselves and other drivers.

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