State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Main STP Department addresses to legal and physical persons organizing bus tours to the regions within the territory of the country throughout summer

19 “June” 2017-th

Trips to the separate regions of the country by buses are organized for students, education and labor institutions employees and their children on weekends and holidays in summer. During such trips the buses and minibuses of several tourism companies and in some cases of the legal and physical persons engaged in transport of passengers on an irregular basis are generally used. But, unfortunately, during the irregularly organized transports sometimes the technical condition of vehicles, medical examination of the drivers before the trip, their adherence to the mode of operation are not strictly controlled, and some issues such as  conformance of the technical characteristics of vehicle with the relief of the territory to be passed, weather conditions of the area to be visited, driver's driving experience are not paid attention. So that increases the likelihood of accidents on the roads, especially in the mountainous areas which have deep rift valleys on the shoulders.

In order to prevent possible severe accidents and provide safety, legal and physical persons engaging in transport of passengers or heads of the institutions and companies who organiz the trip are asked to appeal to the territorial STP departments, or to contact  the Main State Transport Police Department via telephone number of (+99412) 590-81-25 or 902 hotline 3 days prior to travel for being free accompanied on the route of the vehicles which are to transport tourists.



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