State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

On traffic accidents occurred on the roads of the republic for the past 6 months of 2017

14 “July” 2017-th

The actions taken for the prevention of traffic accidents have positively influenced to keep accidents and their severity rate from increasing, as well as reduction of the number of people injured in crashes. So, during the past 6 months of 2017 there have been recorded 848 road traffic accidents within the republic, as a result 315 people died, 832 were injured. Compared to the related period of 2016, number of accidents has decreased by 57 facts (6,3%), death cases increased by 11 persons (3,6%), and the number of injured persons reduced by 138 (14,2%). 

297 road traffic accidents have been recorded over the territory of Baku city, as a result 84 people died, 264 were injured. Compared to 2016, the number of traffic accidents and injured persons have accordingly decreased by 26 facts (8%), 78 persons (22,8%) azalmış, while the number of death has increased by 11 people (15,1%).

Percentage and causes of road traffic accidents over the republic are as follows: 31,1% (276 accidents, 96 deaths, 335 injured persons) - overtaking and cross the path of vehicles coming from opposite direction; 31,1% (264 accidents, 129 deaths, 214 injured persons) - high speed of the vehicles, 12,3% (105 accidents, 12 deaths, 121 injured persons) - violation of rules of crossroads crossing, 1,5% (13 accidents, 8 deaths, 13 injured persons) - drunk driving. 49% (416) of road traffic accidents consists of hitting the pedestrians, thus 132 pedestrians have died, 307 people injured. In the result of road traffic accidents over the republic 21 children and teenagers have died, 96 people injured.

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