Informations 06 September 2023-rd

Information of the Main State Traffic Police Department on the rules of payment of administrative fines applied to citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan visiting the Republic of Georgia through electronic services in our country

A driver has been identified who committed auto-hooliganism in Zagatala and posted his photos on social networks.

31 October 2022-nd

Employees of State Traffic Police Office of the Zagatala Region Police Department detained a driver who defiantly violated public order by committing car hooliganism in the region and posing a serious danger to other road users.

A resident of the region, Ramazan Mahmudov, violated the traffic rules by disobeying the “VAZ-2107” car he was driving, and shared these actions of auto-hooliganism on the “Tik-Tok” social network.

The materials collected in relation to this person were sent to the court for a legal assessment, and by a court decision, a criminal case was initiated against Ramazan Mahmudov.

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