Informations 06 September 2023-rd

Information of the Main State Traffic Police Department on the rules of payment of administrative fines applied to citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan visiting the Republic of Georgia through electronic services in our country

Address of the Main State Traffic Police Department to road users on the eve of Victory Day

07 November 2022-nd

Main State Traffic Police Department congratulates our people on the upcoming Victory Day and the State Flag Day and urges every road user to strictly follow safety rules to avoid unpleasant situations on the roads.
Drivers and passengers who are going to travel by car on non-working days due to the holiday, please do not be indifferent to the following recommendations.

Considering the current rainy weather, drivers should pay special attention to the technical condition of their vehicles before the trip, correctly assess the road and weather conditions, traffic intensity, choose the speed in accordance with the weather conditions, do not make sharp maneuvers and sudden braking, do not overtake unnecessarily. Depending on the time of year, one should set off as much as possible in daylight, one should avoid driving the vehicle drowsy and tired, and one should not forget that it is important to allow yourself a short break after each trip for 2-3 hours of continuous exercise. Not only the driver, but also the passengers must wear the seat belt.

The State Traffic Police, which is working in an enhanced mode to prevent traffic accidents and ensure the smooth and safe movement of people, reiterates that every road user can help ensure that the holidays are only unforgettable with happy moments by complying with the rules.

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