Informations 06 September 2023-rd

Information of the Main State Traffic Police Department on the rules of payment of administrative fines applied to citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan visiting the Republic of Georgia through electronic services in our country

Appeal of the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to road users about hot weather conditions

08 August 2023-rd

In accordance with information provided by the National Hydrometeorological Service, an increase in air temperature is expected compared to previous days, especially the Absheron Peninsula will be under the influence of a wave of hot air until the end of the week.

According to experts, high air temperature creates dizziness, dissertation, lethargy in humans. This, in turn, causes the attention of drivers who drive long-term cars, which in a timely manner causes surrounding processes

Given the above, Main State Traffic Police Department appealing to drivers prepare for a long-distance trip, as well as those who drive mainly in the afternoon urges them to pay attention to the technical condition of their vehicles, strictly observe the rules of the road, do not drive when tired and sleepless, go out on the road at a relatively cool time of the day, and after 2-3 hours of non-stop traffic, a short stop at the stationary posts of the STP.

Passengers are advised to pay attention to the driver’s mood in hot weather and try to stop the vehicle if they feel tired, sleepy or otherwise have difficulty driving.

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