Informations 13 February 2024-th

Action has been taken against the driver who drove onto the highway in a faulty car

Appeal from the Main State Traffic Police Department to traffic users concerning current weather conditions

04 October 2023-rd

According to the information submitted by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the changeable weather conditions currently observed in the country are expected to continue until October 5.

The Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on road users to be careful and obey traffic rules in order to prevent accidents that may occur on the roads.

Since the possibility of skidding is high due to wet road surfaces in rainy weather, drivers need to reduce the speed limit and maintain sufficient distance, taking into account the road and weather conditions. They must also monitor the condition of vehicles, including windshield wipers and windshield washers, lighting devices, and keep their license plates clean. We should not forget that moving in windy weather is difficult and dangerous, and trailer, awning and long truck owners and drivers should pay attention to the packaging of the loads they transport.

Pedestrians should also be careful, they should not cross the street while walking on the sidewalk, they should cross the pedestrian crossings provided for their comfortable movement.

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