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Action has been taken against the driver who drove onto the highway in a faulty car

Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan announces a drawing competition among children and teenagers “ROAD TRAFFIC RULES THROUGH THE EYES OF CHILDREN”.

01 November 2023-rd

Competition are held in order to develop in children and adolescents knowledge and skills about the rules of the road, increase awareness of road safety, protect the environment from the harmful effects of cars, and ensure public solidarity in the work to minimize child injuries on the roads in accordance with the State Road Safety Program.
In addition to paintings, other examples of art can be submitted to the competition.
Rules of the competition:
•    Submitted works must be on specific topics;
•    People aged 7 to 16 years old can take part in the competition;
•    Works submitted to the competition will not be returned;
•    Work submitted by a participant in cases where the documents are not completed or do not reflect the truth will not be allowed to participate in the competition;
•    One author can submit 2 or more works to the competition;
•    Works should not be smaller than A3 format;
•    It is recommended to process the work using a free-flowing technique;
•    On the submitted work, the participant must indicate his name and age (the lower right corner of the work is recommended);
•    If there are reasonable doubts that the works submitted for the competition were created by the participant himself, the work is not allowed for the competition;
•    Work will be accepted from 01/11/2023 to 30/01/2024;
•    Winners will be announced on 10/02/2024.

Evaluation criteria and rules for determining winners are as follows:
•    coverage of the topic;
•    stylistic characteristics, artistic and aesthetic level of the presented work;
•    impartiality and responsibility;
•    protection of public interests.
Works are evaluated using the selection method according to the above criteria and the winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are determined based on the results.

Admission rules for works:
•    Original paintings or other examples of art must be submitted to the competition.
•    Creative works must be submitted by mail or daily (except Sundays) from 10:00 to 17:00 to the Department of Traffic Safety Development and Communication with Public Institutions of the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
•    Photos of works submitted for the competition must be sent to the email address of the Main State Traffic Police Department at or to one of the following official accounts on social networks:
 dyp.polisazerbaycan /;
 dyp.polisazerbaycan /;
 / dyp_polisazerbaycan /.
Required documents:
•    A copy of the participant’s identity card;
•    Information about participant’s education level, social activities and etc.;
•    Information on residential address and means of communication (phone, etc.).

Incentive measures regarding the competition and awarding of winners:
•    “Certificate of Honor” and gifts are given to the winners of the competition.
•    The final results of the competition are widely covered in the media and the selected works are used in promotional prints.
•    A collective album consisting of selected works is prepared and exhibitions are organized.

Address and contact information:
AZ 1117 – Khirdalan-Binagadi highway 4, Baku city.
Phone: +994 12 590 81 34; fax: +994 12 498 02 17;
email: /dyp_polisazerbaycan/

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