Informations 13 February 2024-th

Action has been taken against the driver who drove onto the highway in a faulty car

Neglect during minor accidents may result in more severe accidents

13 November 2023-rd

The analysis of registered severe road accidents displays that drivers’ failure to comply with safety rules during an accident or enforcement stop in some cases result in more severe accidents.
In the event of a traffic accident, as well as in the event of a vehicle breakdown or a forced stop in a place where stopping is prohibited, as well as when stopping and standing on an unlit section of the road at night or in conditions of limited visibility the duties that drivers must fulfill are specified in the legislation.
Unfortunately, some drivers, for one reason or another, leave their cars on the road, regardless of weather and road conditions, traffic intensity, limited visibility, light or dark, they do not realize that they are endangering not only themselves, but also other participants.

Let us remind you that the driver must take safety measures, place a warning triangle, turn on the hazard warning lights or turn on the flashing red light so that the accident does not cause another unpleasant incident and if it is impossible for other vehicles to move, he must leave the roadway, making notes that allow the event to be recorded.

Also, if the car breaks down, the driver must pull it completely off the road, and if this is not possible, pull it to the side of the road or to the side of the road parallel to the edge of the road, turn on the hazard lights, set the emergency stop sign, and only then seek technical assistance.
The Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs draws attention to the fact that for the above reasons, serious tragedies have repeatedly occurred and once again calls on drivers to comply with the rules established by law and not to neglect the life and health of themselves and others.

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