Informations 13 February 2024-th

Action has been taken against the driver who drove onto the highway in a faulty car

Obligations of  STP

Main obligations of State Traffic Police are as follows:
  • Organization of providing traffic security;
  • Execution of organizational-methodical management for activity of STP apparatuses and units;
  • Participation in working out rules, standards and technical norms regarding traffic security;
  • Implementation of control over observance of the Law of the Azerbaijani Republic “On Road Traffic” in the field of providing traffic security by legal and natural persons;
  • Preparation of materials for meetings of traffic security Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, supervising the course of implementing the made decisions within its powers;
  • Arrangement of keeping a record of road traffic and its security indicators;
  • Providing STP units with technical facilities, controlling over their being kept in good technical condition;
  • Organizing trial on administrative offences related to breaking traffic rules; arranging correct imposition of administrative reprimands and implementing supervision over this work;
  • Considering legal and natural persons’appeals concerning traffic security issues;
  • Ensuring the control over the duties entrusted in connection with rendering service-related practical assistance to STP units;
  • Considering appeals entered in connection with STP collaborators, taking measures for preventing negative cases giving rise to complaints;
  • Organizing installation of technical means adjusting road traffic on highways under the desicion of the traffic security Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic;
  • Organizing search for means of transportation and providing mutual relations with other services in this issue;
  • Arranging state official checkup and registration of motor transport means and trailers, giving them state number signs, taking exams on traffic rules and driving licences and issuing driving licences assigning the right on driving transportation means as well;
  • Participation in conduct of scientific-research works in accordance with traffic security issues;
  • Examination of transportation means, organization of the issue on delivering opinions regarding their technical project documents;
  • Determination of traffic security measures at the expense of budget and extra-budgetary funds;
  • Provision of installing traffic signs and indicators, supply of order and production of transportation and technical means adjusting and controlling road traffic, a crash rescue equipment applied in a accident site for removing results of traffic accidents, as well as other technical facilities and devices providing traffic security, means of agitation serving application of traffic security, special products (blanks of driving licences, vehicle registration certificates, state registration signs and recognition signs)

    In the field of organizing road traffic

  • Organization of maintening highways, streets, railroad crossings in safe order for road traffic, provision of street and roads with facilities directing traffic;
  • Giving an opinion on construction projects of roads of republican and local importance from the standpoint of traffic security;
  • Attending from the standpoint of observing traffic security terms in the activity of state and working commissions on bringing into service new and reconstructed roads, road infrastructures and railway crossings;
  • Giving orders for preparation of technical facilities adjusting and controlling road traffic;
  • Organizing supply of traffic security in streets and on roads, as well as in railway crossings, fulfillment of requirements in the field of undertaking technical supply works;
  • Execution of guidance for activity of specialized installation-exploitation sections of STP on installation, exploitation and application of technical adjustment means;
  • Participation in testing and putting into operation new constructions of technical facilities adjusting road traffic, doing offers regarding their improvement;
  • Organizing usage of highways by caterpillar, long, large-dimensioned vehicles carrying heavy weight or dangerous goods;
  • Organization of establishing guarded stations of STP;
  • Coordination of traffic roads of public transport from the traffic security standpoint.
In the field of traffic control
  • Ensuring safe and incessant movement of transport vehicles and pedestrians, revealing and preventing offence of traffic rules by traffic participants;
  • Bringing traffic participants offending traffic rules to administrative responsibility in accordance with legislation;
  • Keeping centralized computer records of fine points of persons on whom administrative reprimands have been imposed for breaches specified in the Law of the Azerbaijani Republic “On Road Traffic”, organizing usage of these data by STP units as well;
  • Organizing traffic patrol service and controlling this activity, preparing suggestions on traffic patrol service improvement;
  • Keeping control over intended use of operative-service transport vehicles, as well as other technical facilities being under command of traffic patrol service;
  • Taking urgent measures by STP units and rendering pre-doctor first aid to the injured in traffic accident sites;
  • Organization of accompanying convoys;
  • Carrying damaged and unowned transport facilities to the places allocated for these purposes;
  • Organization of taking steps on issues related to post-patrol service in concert with other services of MIA;
  • Organization of ensuring safe movement of specially designed transport facilities together with special service bodies;
  • Lending methodical and practical assistance to STP units in the field of traffic control;
  • Giving offers in relation to provision of the traffic patrol service with necessary operative-service transportation, communication means and other technical facilities, as well as special clothing and equipments, participating in activity of commissions on bringing into service these facilities and equipments.
In the field of search for motor transport means
  • Organization of search for (with “hot traces” as well) motor transport means that have been hijacked, stolen and have deviated from the accident site by STP units;
  • Analyse and generalization of situation on law violations committed in connection with acquisition of transportation means through illegal ways, their hijacking, dismantling, hiding and legalization; preparation of due recommendation and reviews;
  • Organization of automated record-keeping of registered, searched and unowned transportation means, stolen, lost registration documents and other documents assigning rights for usage of transportation means and use of these data by STP units;
  • Organization of activity of control posts included in “Sipar” (“Shield”) detective-search system. Provision of technical and program facilities of Automated Information Retrieval System (AIRS) on search of auto-motor vehicles in concert with Operations & Statistics Department and National Central Bureau (NCB) of Interpol;
  • Keeping control over STP apparatuses and standing units’ observance of order and directives given by MIA and Main State Traffic Police Department in relation to struggle against crime committed by using transportation means;
  • Lending methodical and practical assistance to STP units in the retrieval field.
  • In the field of technical control for motor transport means
  • Controlling legal and natural persons’s driving transportation means in good technical condition, preparing appropriate offers in this regard;
  • Organizing timely and qualitative state official checkup of motor transport means, doing suggestions on advisability of establishing new examination stations;
  • Taking steps in fulfilling ecological demands concerning road traffic;
  • Coordinating constructions of newly manufactured transportation means and vehicles with changed structure, giving an opinion on possibility of their being brought into service. Participating in testing and acceptance of new and modified model transportation means, granting permission for inventorization of transportation means not requiring technical project documents;
  • Controlling over abidance by due decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, MIA’s orders and directives concerning passenger and cargo transportations;
  • Appropriately giving consent for spread of advertisement in transportation means;
  • Giving dispensation to install special and light signals under the defined rules, keeping records of such transportation means; defining color graphics of the external cover of operative transportation means.
In the field of traffic security propagation
  • Preparing measures for increasing efficiency of work related to traffic security propagation, arranging people’s enlightenment in the field of road traffic in relation to existing legislation using opportunities of mass media;
  • Teaching traffic rules in pre-school establishments, schools and educational institutions, preparing educational programs, teaching aids on ensuring traffic security;
  • Assisting ministries, institutions and other organizations in holding events for preventing traffic traumatism in children;
  • Establishing links with social institutions in the field of propagation of traffic rules and increasing personal responsibility of vehicle drivers;
  • Organizing traffic security propagation in periodical press, radio and television;
  • Organizing media publication concerning road traffic propagation.
In the field of auto-motor vehicle record-keeping, registration and driver training
  • Arranging implementation of state registration of motor transport means, their trailers and semitrailers, their record keeping and deregistration by state registration in the republic, carrying out control over this field.
  • Registering educational institutions training drivers, directly taking theoretical and practical exams from persons who want to get driving licences, issuing driving licences to persons who have successfully passed exams, keeping their records, implementing this work in subordinate bodies;
  • Checking schools and courses carrying out the mission of vehicle drivers’ training and qualification improvement for registration, coordinating educational programs and keeping constant control over their activity;
  • Issuing state registration signs and registration certificates to registered transportation means, documenting alienated transportation means, implementing repeat registration, issuing a certificate regarding registration of a vehicle pledge agreement and carrying out registration acts in connection with cases provided in the existing legislation and keeping their records;
  • Preparing samples of vehicle registration certificates, state registration signs and driving licences, producing them and other special product and equipments under the defined rules;
  • Distribution of state registration signs for transportation means by series among regions, realizing record keeping of registered transportation means by regions and in centralized manner. Provision of its structural units with state registration signs, registration certificates, driving licence blanks, as well as other special product and equipments and carrying out their periodical auditing;
  • Maintaining of records of legal entities and manufacturing enterprises engaging in sale of transportation means and their spare parts, their provision with “transit” signs and reference account blanks and keeping periodic control over usage of these manufactured products;
  • Providing control over timely payment of paying, tax and duties for issuing driving licences, registration certificates and state registration signs and implementing other registration acts.