Informations 13 February 2024-th

Action has been taken against the driver who drove onto the highway in a faulty car

A pedestrian’s responsibility

Article 338. Violation of traffic rules by pedestrians and other traffic participants

338.1. for breakdown of traffic rules by pedestrians, i.e:

338.1.1. for disobeying to the traffic lights of pedestrian and regulator signs;

338.1.2. getting out immediately against approaching vehicles on the road;

338.1.3. While special sound signal and flashing red or blue light connected transport mean approached for leaving moving part is fined in the amount of twenty manats.

338.2. The pedestrians are fined in the amount of twenty manats for crossing the carriageway, railway crossing at an unspecified place. 338.3. For breakdown of getting on and off vehicle rules by passengers, not fastening safety belts, not wearing motor helmets, taking out anything outside the transport mean or distracting the driver from the control of transport mean is fined in the amount of thirty manats.
338.4. For the breakdown of traffic rules by the cyclists and the people who ride scooter, i.e

338.4.1. For disobeying to the traffic lights and regulator signs;

338.4.2. For cargo transportation which prevents management of passenger or transport mean;

338.4.3. For violation of road signs or requirements of marking part of motorway;

338.4.4. For controlling without holding the wheel or breakdown for using rules of safety helmets;

338.4.5. For using the cycle disordered;

338.4.6. For creating an obstacle to the movement of pedestrian;

338.4.7. For not making way to the vehicles with high transition is fined in the amount of forty manats.

338.5. For violation of traffic regulations by people who drive horse vehicle (sledge) and pasture the cattle, i.e:

338.5.1. making cattle uncontrolled on the road;

338.5.2. For passing the cattle on the asphalt and cement-concrete-covered roads;

338.5.3. For driving horse vehicle (sledge) which is not supplied with light-reflecting devices;

338.5.4. For disobeying the signs of traffic light or regulator, as well as road signs or requirements of road marking while driving horse vehicle (sledge);

338.5.5. For passing the cattle and horse vehicle (sledge) in the dark time of the day or under conditions of limited visibility of railways, road places for specially not separating for this purpose is fined in the amount of forty manats;

338.6. The offences provided in 338.4 and 338.5 articles of this Code by the participants of the road traffic using alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic substances or other substances affected strongly for committing in drunken position is fined in the amount of seventy manats.

338.7. At the result of the offences provided in 338.4-338.6 articles of this Code for causing light bodily injury to the health of injured person or material damage to injured person is fined in the amount of eighty manats to hundred manat.